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We are designers and builders of unique décor and props for the dark amusement entertainment industry.





See you in St. Louis. We have lots of new things to play with. Come on by the show floor #630 and see the newest additions to our actor powered props.


We are pleased to present a new vendor tray. This is the first of several under development. Check out the cigarette tray. Candy coming soon.


Midwest Haunt Conference rocked! Many kudos to the producers and staff. During the show we revealed several new vendor trays and an ice cream cart. The feedback was wonderful!! It does a little black heart good to make other haunters jump in broad daylight.

It was a blast to see the other haunters, renew old friendships, meet new folks, and swap ideas. The elevators were a hoot <insert evil laughter>.

Lady Iron



We have just returned from showing at TransWorld 2012 in St. Louis, and we are very excited.  We debuted several of our new ‘Walk-About’ line of actor controlled, fully portable animated props, and the response was fantastic!  We expected to get the attention of haunt owners simply because we presented something new and exciting, but the number of actors that crowded our booth surprised us a little.  As we had envisioned, a lot of the actors we spoke to could see unique haunted characters and scenarios forming in their minds.  Whether it be a depraved carnie selling Cotton Candy, a haggard old wash woman collecting grimy rags, or even a seemingly harmless, zit faced pizza delivery dude, each can take their scare directly to their intended victim and deliver the ‘goods’ at just the right moment.  Your actor is in total control.  Check out our new actor controlled props for more info.


Text Box: Zombies currently working on updates.